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IET Code of Practice
IET Code of Practice

Shark Electrical Safety Management System is a simple to use software based on the IET Code of Practice for Electrical Safety Management Code of Practice to manage and demonstrate the mandatory compliance to the
‘Electricity at Work’ and ‘Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations’.

Shark ESMS is purely web based, requiring no software downloads.

Its paper free solution speeds up inspection and provides immediate management reporting at all levels, from company wide down to individual sites.

Benefits of Shark ESMS

  • Ensures all assets are checked
  • No lost, damaged, documentation
  • No issues with record keeping or storing documents
  • Easy update of any statutory documents / requirements
  • Centrally update company documents such as testing instructions, guidelines and safety alerts
  • Up to date records of tests and inspections
  • Scheduled inspection programmes
  • Immediate reporting for mangers
  • Unequivocal reports and records for 3rd party inspectors.

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Who Should use Shark?

Developed primarly for the Aggregate, Asphalt, Cement and Concrete industries, this bespoke software can be used in any industrial environment particularly heavy industry and mechanical materials handling environments where electrical and machine safety is paramount.

The software

PC Login

Cloud based with no software downloads required the software has two distinct interfaces.


  1. Managers Dashboard designed for PC use and offering full control and reporting of the compliance status
  2. Engineers login optimised to run on as phone or tablet for paperfree compliance inspections and to action non-compliances.

System Setup

With just a Managers and Engineers login the software is up and running with setup being done as part of the first compliance inspection, detailed information is available on the Site Setup page.
For those sites, part of an existing company that uses Shark ESMS the setup Cheatsheet page is the best place to start.


Generally the cost saving from reduced inspection and administration time outweigh the cost of the software. Please contact us for more information.